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Road Safety Awareness Drive

Make commitment to yourself and your loved ones on below Do's and Don'ts.
Strike the boxes against each commitment.
Click your selfie in a Creative way on Voltas Road Safety Facebook Frame:
Instructions to take your selfie
1. Click on Facebook Icon in "Take your Selfie" section below, to go to your Facebook Account.
2. You will be taken to Voltas Road Safety frame as shown below.
Note: If you don't get the Voltas Road Safety Selfie frame, click "back" button on your device until you come on this page again, and again start from point-1 above.
3. Once you get the Voltas Road Safety Selfie Frame, adjust your camera and click your pic in a creative way.
4. Click on Save button, to save the pic on your device (refer below image).
5. Click the mobile's "back" button until you come back on this page again.
Note: If in case you reach the mobile home screen and cannot find this page, you can click on "Recent Apps" button at bottom of your device, and select the browser app you were using for this form. This will take you to this page.
6. Click on "Choose file" button in "Upload your Selfie/pic" section, and select your selfie/pic from your device.
7. Click on Submit button.
8. After you submit, a thank you message will be displayed on your screen.

Take your Selfie
FB-Frame Click here to take your selfie

We are sorry you will not be able to take your selfie with Voltas Road Safety Facebook frame.

Please click on SUBMIT button to submit your pledge for Road Safety Campaign.