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Facebook Ads

Don’t miss out on promoting your business on the Largest Social Media Network of the World.

Facebook Ads


Facebook is the largest social media network of the world. It currently boasts over 2.701 billion monthly active users around the world. India has the highest number of Facebook Users, about 320 million (Jan 2021). Globally, Facebook users constitute of 56% men and 44% women, 76% of the Facebook users fall in the age group 18-34.

Facebook is the best platform for placing advertisements. With such a wide reach, pay-per-click advertising on Facebook has fast become a crucial way of reaching new customers, and positively promoting your company and brand in the social media.

Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has some specific advantages over similar advertising with Google Ads. Facebook has a younger and more connected audience, and you can target your campaign to very specific demographic sets.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Low Cost Marketing Tool
Huge Potential to reach Customers
Targeted Advertising on various Demographics
Steer traffic to your Website
Offer Deals through Facebook
Tools for Local Business Marketing
Raise Brand Awareness
Provide Customer Support
Talk to Existing and Potential Customers
Analytics & Reports

Types of Facebook Ads

Video Ads on Facebook are also a type of link click ad only in video format. They have the same placement options as that of Banner Ads.

This is the easiest type of Facebook Ads. This is an option provided by Facebook to promote your Facebook post at a cost by setting up a target audience and bidding methods. The placement options are desktop and mobile newsfeed, Instagram and Audience Network.

If you want your products to reach your target audience without putting in a lot of hard work, this type of Facebook Ads is the best option. The brand has to upload the product catalogue and install Facebook Pixel on the website’s pages. Facebook then targets the users who have visited to your site earlier with automated ads based on their past interaction. These ads would appear in the right most column on user’s Facebook Page (desktop), Mobile and desktop newsfeed, Instagram and Audience Network too.

This is very similar to the Banner Ads but the objective of this type of Facebook Ads is to make the user fill a lead form on the Facebook Platform itself. The placement options are desktop and mobile newsfeed, Instagram and Audience Network.

This is the most innovative type of Facebook ads. It is an interactive ad that allows the user to swipe through the carousel images, tilt the screen and zoom in and out the images. It is only available on mobile newsfeed.

Why Choose Us for Your Facebook Marketing

Safe2Go Digital is one of the best Facebook Advertising Agency in India. We work on social media marketing and management services. With professional certified experts, we work together to grow your brand. Facebook is the best platform to share awareness & reach about your brand in the market, and let people know that you are there for the services they are looking for. Facebook is a platform that people rely on. If you are there to serve them for good, they will definitely like you and promote you.

We at Safe2Go Digital, first analyze your business and formulate the promotion strategy accordingly. You would need to tell us about your requirements. We ensure to optimize your ads for getting the best possible results. 

Facebook doesn’t cost you more. Facebook advertising cost estimate India is much lesser. It’s much cheaper than any other conventional advertising alternatives.

Being a Facebook Marketing Expert, Safe2Go Digital presents your business in a creative manner so that everyone scrolling the Facebook page gets to your page at least once. Our passionate Social Media Marketing team applies proven techniques that are needed to promote your services to the targeted and non-targeted customers. Using Facebook as your promotional tool will lead your business significantly, while ignoring it can result in damaging your marketing campaign.